Donate to help students ACT OUT their POTENTIAL

Transform lives by helping students.

Our mission at ACT Academy is to prepare students both morally and intellectually for their future and creating leaders with both intelligence and character

At ACT Academy, we envision and strive for a world in which:

  • Every child has an opportunity to succeed…
  • Extracurricular activities are rich with learning and educational advancement…
  • High-school graduation rates soar-and dropout rates plummet…
  • Communities, families and businesses work together to improve education…

This is the world that your support will make possible.

The generosity of donors helps us create the strong foundation our children need to succeed in school and life and to achieve their dreams. Our many initiatives build the capacity of individual adults, institutions, organizations and systems to better serve children and youth. Your donation will provide much-needed general operating support in three critical focus areas:

  • Improving student performance
  • Transforming afterschool and out-of-school time
  • Engaging families and communities in education

How can you make a measured difference in the lives of America’s underserved children and youth? Join ACT Academy in helping them secure a great education and achieve the bright futures they deserve. To speak with ACT Academy about other giving opportunities, please call 267.297.1668 or email