Parent Engagement

ACT Academy is committed to the following activities to increase and improve parent engagement during the school year.

  • Analyze parent engagement survey results to determine barriers to parent engagement and parent communication preferences
  • Conduct a needs assessment to allow for data-driven decisions regarding school programming
  • Improve and increase communication with parents
    • Update information on school website regularly
    • Update parent contact information and increase parent phone calls and emails to share information and updates
  • Hold interim and report card conferences so that parents have an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with teachers
    • Encourage parents to participate in person, via a phone conference, or through a live web-feed utilizing your child’s computer
  • Hold Parent Action Committee meetings and parent trainings throughout the school year, at least quarterly, to elicit parent input, discuss relevant topics, and review school policies, procedures, and programs
    • Provide training opportunities and resources for parents based on parent/student needs and parent requests, at least quarterly
    • Include parent resources on website and on campus
  • Increase student and parent activities throughout the school year, specific to the needs of students at each grade
  • Provide a means for which parents can monitor their child’s progress