Roles and Responsibilities

School Organization and Roles

This section provides information about how your school is organized and on the various roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in the school.

Roles and Responsibilities


In order to be a successful student at ACT Academy Cyber Charter School, the most important thing to do is to jump in and get started! Print out and read course information, then complete the online learning course and orientation activities as assigned. Commit to working at least six hours on school every day, five days a week

Next, stay organized by keeping a calendar of what you need to turn in and planning ahead. Keep everything and always save your assignments on your computer and use a backup disk. Never delete or throw away an assignment until school is over for the year. Don’t forget to get your parents involved. Your parent or guardian is an important member of the ACT Academy team and can help you stay on track.

In order to do your best, check your grades daily and learn from the feedback that your teachers give you. Pay attention by checking your school email every day and reading your class announcements daily. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your teachers want to help you be successful. Ask them right away when you do not understand something or if you need additional help.

Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy what you are learning and find ways to make studying enjoyable. You will like school more if you stay involved. Enjoy getting to know your teachers, cohort members, and your classmates. Finally, take advantage of any outings, clubs, or school trips.

Caretaker (Parent or Legal Guardian)

You will see the term “Caretaker” used to refer to the student’s parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) who enroll the student and meet enrollment requirements. All Caretakers are automatically given “Success Coach” (see below) roles so they are able to perform the Success Coach duties. All Caretakers sign an agreement with ACT Academy Charter School; this agreement ensures that roles and responsibilities are clear and agreed upon by the school and the Caretaker. While Caretakers automatically have Success Coach roles, they may also designate another adult or adults as Success Coaches either in addition to or in place of the Caretaker as Success Coach. Even if the Caretaker designates another adult or adults as Learning Coach, the Caretaker will continue to have Success Coach roles.  For more information, please read our School-Parent Compact 2016-17.

Success Coach

A parent or other family member will act as a Learning Coach for each student, making sure they are completing their daily class requirements and are on track to succeed. Student grades, as well as any correspondence between the teacher and student, can be accessed by Caretakers and Success Coaches at all times. In addition, teachers will communicate with parents daily or weekly, as needed, via email or phone. The amount of time required of a parent or “Success Coach” will vary according to the needs and maturity of each individual student.

All Success Coaches sign an agreement with ACT Academy Charter School; this agreement ensures that roles and responsibilities are clear and agreed upon by the school and the Success Coach. For students who do not have a parent who can fulfill the responsibilities of Success Coach, ACT Academy will work with the student to identify an appropriate adult who would be willing and able to serve in this capacity. ACT Academy will also work with partners from local universities and community organizations to identify mentors who may be able to fill the role.

The Success Coach is the adult who performs tasks such as recording attendance, reviewing lessons, providing supervision, and communicating with teachers. Each student will have at least one Success Coach, and while this person is generally the student’s Caretaker, this is not required.

The duties and responsibilities of the Success Coach are detailed in this Handbook so it is important that both Caretakers and Success Coaches read both documents carefully.

Under certain circumstances, a student who is 18 years of age or older or an emancipated minor may request to be his or her own Success Coach. Contact your school leader for more information.


ACT Academy teachers have years of instructional experience and are all highly trained in online learning. Our teachers are state certified and many of them have advanced degrees. In addition to guiding you through your courses every day, your teachers will monitor your progress and provide you with advice and encouragement. They will check in with you and your fellow students regularly and will alert the Principal and your Learning Coach when you really need some help. ACT Academy teachers don’t just assign grades; rather, they will suggest extended learning activities or events and provide extensive, detailed, and timely feedback to you. This feedback will help you improve your work in order to achieve mastery in your classes.

School Counselor

Generally, your school counselor is focused on helping you while you are in high school and helping you get where you want to go after high school, whether that means helping you decide on and applying to a college or exploring career options with you. Your school counselor will be with you for your entire high school journey. One of the most important tasks for your school counselor is to work with your Learning Coach and teachers in order to develop your Individual Student Success Plan (ISSP). In addition, your school counselor will assist in your selection of courses based on your needs, abilities, achievement levels, and future goals. Your school counselor is there to help you use college and career planning resource tools and to identify requirements for college admissions or career preparation. Finally, your school counselor will provide social and emotional counseling services and support, as needed.


The Principal serves as the “school leader” and coordinates all educational and administrative activities of the school. The Principal is responsible for the implementation of the mission and vision of the school, the overall day-to-day management of the school and its employees, and ensuring attainment of the school’s performance goals. In addition, the Principal provides strategic leadership for school improvement and development and ensures high standards of achievement and learning for all students. It is the responsibility of the principal to ensure an orderly, motivational, and inspirational culture and a strong school community where teaching, learning, and healthy relationships can thrive.