Student Support

Response to Instruction and Intervention – Continuum

Indicators of Eligibility Range of Services How Progress is monitored Staff Responsible (Team)
Grade 9 – 12 Results of previous elementary or state standardized tests.

Course Failure (specifically courses leading to graduation)

Writing Samples

Class performance: class participation, assignments, homework, chapter/unit tests, behaviors

Behavioral concerns:
Attendance, Motivation


Tier I: Differentiated instruction (on line)

Support to learning coach Tutoring: LRC- content specific focus

Office Hour assistance
Assessment reviews
Integrated modifications

Tier II: Study Skills/Mapping Small group opportunities-on line ‘______’ Intervention Program
Tutoring: ELA/Math Support to Learning Coach
Small group guidance

Tier III: ‘____’ Intervention

program, w/ increased participation time
Support to Learning Coach
Small group/individual guidance

Keystone Readiness

Interval progress monitoring of student work/completion rates

Ongoing Assessment
Monitoring of completion rates


Content Teacher

Special Education Coordinator

School Counselor

Success Coach

Learning Coach (Parent/Guardian)