Intervention Support

Academic Intervention Services

ACT Academy Cyber Charter School provides academic intervention services to its students either in person at the Learning Resource center or via our virtual setting. These services are provided based on individual student need. Intervention services are provided utilizing the Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) framework. RtII is a process implemented by school personnel where children who are at risk of not performing well receive research-based interventions via a three-tiered system, each one defined by the level of support and the intensity of support.

  • Tier I– Interventions provided by the teacher via instructional strategies and lesson planning.
  • Tier II– Interventions provided utilizing research-based intervention programs targeted to meet the needs of the students, to support the goal of academic growth.
  • Tier III– Interventions provided utilizing research-based interventions programs with greater frequency than at Tier II targeted to meet the needs of the student.

Intervention support is available to assist the student who is struggling or is at risk of not achieving. The intensity and the frequency of these services will vary based on the individual student’s need. Intervention services are made available to ALL students who demonstrate academic need.

Such Support may begin at any time throughout the school year. Parents will be notified via Connexus and email that their child will receive academic intervention. In a virtual setting such as ACT, parent/learning coach is a member of the academic team. If parents elect for the intervention delivery to occur in a virtual setting, the learning coach with the support from the school team will initiate the intervention program with the student. Students are welcome to visit the Learning Resource Center to participate in all academic interventions provided by ACT and their instructional team.