ACT Academy Cyber Charter School (ACT) recognizes that good attendance is essential if students are to achieve and reach their potential. In order for a student’s legal attendance to be counted, he/she MUST log into Edgenuity each day that school is in session and complete at least 1-course assignments. If you skip logging into Edgenuity, it is the equivalent of skipping or arriving late to homeroom at a brick and mortar school (B&M) and not checking in with the office before heading off to class.

If you miss these important steps in a B&M, you are marked absent for the day, and it is the same here at ACT Academy. It is the responsibility of the parents of students of ACT Academy to provide an excuse when their child is absent from school. If a student is absent without an excuse, the student could be considered truant. Pennsylvania’s School Law requires all schools both brick/mortar and cyber to report instances of truancy to the student’s school district of residence.

It is ACT Academy’s goal that our students increase their individual responsibility for their academic achievement with the support of both ACT Academy, their parent/guardian and the meaningful adults in their lives. However, the responsibility for ensuring attendance continues to lie with the parent/guardian of the student.


An absence may be excused when it is demonstrated that the purpose of the absence is to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity. Approval for such an absence must be granted two weeks prior to the absence in accordance with the Student Educational Leave of Absence Policy.


Section 13-1301 of the Public School Code establishes the right for students in Pennsylvania to attend school. Students between the ages of 6 and 21 years who are residents of any school district and are of “school age” are entitled to a public education. Furthermore, “compulsory school age” is defined in Section 13-1326 of the Public School Code as “…the period of a child’s life from the time the child’s parents elect to have the child enter school, which shall not be later than the age of eight (8) years, until the age of seventeen (17) years or graduation from an accredited high school”.

Required Instructional Hours
State mandated 180 school days, 990 hours

5.5 hours of instruction daily for grade 9th through 12th

Note that these are the minimum hours required by the state and that students are responsible for mastering all material, which may require additional time.