Student Assignments

Homework/Classwork/Assignment is defined as any educational activity related to classroom instruction primarily designed to enhance student learning. At ACT Academy Charter School, Homework/Classwork/Assignment is considered an integral part of the educational program. Homework/Classwork/Assignment activities contribute to learning when they are well planned and given with a valid educational objective in mind.

The purpose of Homework/Classwork/Assignment is to improve student understanding of the subject matter; to help the student assume greater responsibility; to offer opportunities for self-direction; to reinforce basic skills; and to be used for positive learning, not for punishment. These opportunities may be offered in the form of individual or group exercises, readings, observations, projects, studying and/or creative endeavors.

Regularly assigned, carefully designed and prepared Homework/Classwork/Assignment is essential for effective learning to occur. Staff, students, and parents/guardians play an important role in the success of Homework/Classwork/Assignment as a learning opportunity. All parties involved must assume responsibility for the successful implementation of Homework/Classwork/Assignment policies and procedures.

Information will be included in the Student/Parent Handbook each year describing the school’s Homework/Classwork/Assignment policy. This letter will include helpful tips for improving students’ study habits and accelerating learning.

All Homework/Classwork/Assignments must be turned in within 24 hours of being assigned unless the teacher assigns another time period for completion based on the assignment rigor.

Required Instructional Hours
State mandated 180 school days

5.5 hours of instruction daily for grade 9th through 12th

Note that these are the minimum hours required by the state and that students are responsible for mastering all material, which may require additional time.