Student Schedules

Students and/or their Learning Coaches may develop their own schedule to fit their specific needs, both in how they structure each school day and their overall schedule, as long as no state or local regulations are violated. However, students must still attend school regularly, meet their school’s specific attendance and/or instructional hour requirements, and complete lessons and assessments as expected.

Students must also be available during regular school hours for any required phone conferences or participation in Live Sessions unless school-approved alternate arrangements can be made and documented. Most teachers are available only during regular school hours. Students will be informed of these hours and any individual variations in teacher schedules at the beginning of each course.

All Homework/Classwork/Assignments must be turned in within 24 hours of being assigned unless the teacher assigns another time period for completion based on the assignment rigor.

Required Instructional Hours
State mandated 180 school days, 990 hours

5.5 hours of instruction daily for grade 9th through 12th

Note that these are the minimum hours required by the state and that students are responsible for mastering all material, which may require additional time.