Educational experiences such as field trips and retreats are regularly occurring events at ACT Academy. We feel that the hands-on experiences are a great addition to the virtual curriculum and also allow students the necessary social interactions.

Previous Trips and Retreats

  • Philadelphia College Fair
  • St. Joes University Campus Visit
  • Lock Haven University Visit
  • Easter University Retreat
  • Fellowship Farms

Field trips are available to all students. Some field trips will have a specific goal or class objective. All field trips require permission slip submissions with parent signatures. Some field trips may require a prerequisite or the submission of an assignment post field trip.

Community Events, Trips, and Activities

Field trips can be an educationally sound and important ingredient of the instructional program of the school. Field trips shall be defined as any journey by students away from the school premises, under the supervision of a teacher, which is an integral part of an approved course of study and conducted for the purpose of affording a first-hand educational experience not available in the classroom. Students on field trips remain under the supervision and responsibility of the school and this Board and are subject to their rules and regulations. The Board does not endorse, support or assume responsibility for any staff member who takes students on trips not approved by the Board or the School Principal. No staff member may solicit students within the facilities or on school grounds for unapproved trips. The School Principal shall prepare procedures for the operation of field trips which shall ensure that:
The safety and well-being of students shall be protected at all times;

  • Parental permission is sought and obtained before any student may be removed from school for a field trip;
  • The School Principal approves the purpose, itinerary, and duration of the proposed trip
  • Each field trip is properly planned, integrated with the curriculum and followed up by appropriate activities which enhance its usefulness;
  • The effectiveness of field trip activities is monitored and evaluate
  • All trips are to be taken within one day’s period of time.